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Different Types of Joomla Templates

September 7th, 2008 · No Comments · Types of Template

An efficient and great way to create a professional looking website is using Joomla and its pre-designed website Joomla Templates. And you may easily get many free or commercial templates on many web sites on the internet.

Free Joomla Templates
If you have limited budget on getting your Joomla website done, a better approach is to use the templates that are for available for download for free. These templates are very clean and yet attractive. But you do, though, you must understand even free templates are available everywhere but great Joomla templates are not easy to find.

Cheap Joomla Templates
Once you have little budget for commecial or paid templates, this are thing better for investigation for slightly better templates. The idea behind those websites that sell cheap templates are they pay the designers small amount of fees per template sold, and resell it as many times as they wish for a quite relatively low price. This option allows joomla template designers to be paid for the amount of templates sold, without ever dealing with customers. On the other side, it allows customers to buy and use the templates for a price substantially below hiring any professional web designer to design for them

Exclusive Joomla Templates
Certain Joomla webmasters may feel dislike if the other sites are using the same design as theirs, they starts to purchasing exclusive Joomla templates from websites that sell professional designed Joomla templates only once, to a site, then removed. This is the unique Joomla template that the webmaster can get, but at a relatively high price, which can range up to few hundreds dollar per template depending on the design.

With different types of Joomla template, designers are free to create great templates, and Joomla webmasters can consider whether they like it for free or getting it for amount amount of fees or unique design with premium price. Sometimes, it needs to take all the uncertainty and negotiation at both sides, and both the template designer and the webmaster leaves much happier than they would have been. Of course, if there is something that you want changed little on its design, most of the template designer are happy to do it a small amount fee.

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